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Rev. Joan W. Gandy
Music Director: 
Victor Zurck
Victor Zurck
Born and raised in Brazil, Victor came to the United States to study piano performance at Southeastern Louisiana University. Victor has over 20 years of experience with piano performance, 10 years of choir experience, and also studied organ as well.

Elders and Session Units:
Rosemary Hall - Clerk of Session & Planning
Sarah Carey - Planning
Aaron Schermer - Business Affairs
Ann Vidal Willet - Business Affairs
Marc Doyle - Community Life
Tanna Davis - Community Life
Chuck Borum - Mission
Danna Mooney - Mission
Helen Smith - Spiritual Life
Ralph Loe - Spiritual Life
Bobby Meason - Worship
Mary Jo McNerney - Worship
Session Unit Responsibilities:

Business Affairs - Conducts the annual stewardship campaign and oversees the care of buildings and grounds.

Community Life - Focuses on outreach as it relates to new members and fellowship opportunities.

Mission - Plans and implements outreach by working with local agencies, such as Stew Pot and FUEL ministries, and globally by sending a medical team to Haiti each year.

Planning - Leads in long-range planning, monitors the effectiveness of communication efforts, and evaluates the spiritual, financial and numeric growth of the congregation.

Spiritual Life - Focuses on the importance of scripture reading, prayer, and Christian education.

Worship - Greets members and visitors, and handles music and pulpit supply as needed.

Jon Borum
Diane Hammers
Esther Jeffus
Sandra Burkes
Denise Seale
Sarah Smith
Donna Ball
Sandy Lane
Susanna Sharp - Bereavement Chairperson
Hal Hicks
Office Manager:
Pam McNeil