Presbytery Mission

I.  The Brazil Mission Network will meet at First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta August 14 - 16, 2014.

II.  English as Second Language:  The weekly ESL program at First-Trinity in Laurel currently has 12 students attending regularly with English proficiency from beginner to intermediate. 
III.  Haiti:  Seven members of the Presbytery led by Dr. Chuck Borum of First Presbyterian in Natchez  traveled to Haiti.  The three doctors saw about 200 people a day.  They estimate that the three clean water installations are saving thousands of lives.  One is at a school where students are given 2 gallons each to take home with them each day.  Students at this school can be sponsored for $250 for a year. Pastor Leon of Haiti Mission Outreach is planning a month long visit to Mississippi.

IV.  Child Voice International:  There are now two full circles of huts for the students as well as two large open air huts used for prayers, classes, childcare and other activities. The kitchen has been built as well as four visitor/childcare huts.  They currently have 20 girls and 23 kids at the Lukodi Community Center.  The donation made by the Presbytery of Mississippi last year helped them to meet the goal for a $50,000 matching grant.  Living Waters for the World plans to install a water system there next year.

V.  Living Waters for the World:  there are currently 807 systems in 27 countries.  Since Will Howie's retirement they have restructured and now have a Board of Directors.  They have produced a CD of Christmas music that is being sold thru Presbyterian Women as a fundraiser for both organizations.