CONTACT: Aretha Davis, Playschool Director, at 601.445.0700 or the First Presbyterian Church Office for Referral to the Elder in Charge of the Playschool Ministry.

About First Presbyterian Church Playschool
The First Presbyterian Playschool is a licensed daycare/preschool center, located in historic downtown Natchez, specializes in daycare from birth through pre-k (4-year-olds) with maximum capacity of 60 children. The school was established in 1995 as a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Natchez to provide a child-centered, nurturing environment and a well-rounded education in a Christian atmosphere. The focus is the spiritual, social, emotional and physical development of the children. The Playschool provides enrichment through a music teacher for the 2-, 3- and 4-year olds enrolled. Click here to view pictures of the Playschool campus.


The school has an experienced, credentialed director with approximately 12 loving adults on staff to care for the children.

Special Events
Favorite events at the Playschool include the Trike-a-Thon and holiday parties. Click here for more information about special events.

Enrollment in the Playschool is year-round.

Dear Playschool Parents,

I was asked to write the newsletter and reflect on my daughter's time at FPC Playschool.

Ruby started kindergarten this year and I just want to let everyone know how well prepared she was - educationally, emotionally, and socially. I miss a lot of things about the Playschool, but realize that she has to grow up. First, appreciate the breakfast, lunch and snacks that are provided to your children throughout the day at FPC. Now, this mom has more work to do!

I have to feed her breakfast and fix her lunch in the mornings! Before, I just dropped her off and knew she would be fed all the wonderful and healthy things she loved. Second, appreciate nap time! No nap time in kindergarten means an irritable little Ruby in the evenings. Finally, appreciate the caregivers. Now, Ruby has teachers. Don't get me wrong: the words are somewhat interchangeable for both Playschool and Kindergarten. But now there is a different feel to drop-off. She's growing up. I miss the caregivers taking Ruby from my arms and hugging her tightly every morning.

As a side note, I want to tell you one reason that I feel my child received a very firm educational foundation at the Playschool. I should say that Ruby has a very active imagination. She always read books to me without actually reading the words - just making up her own story with extreme detail. So I never pushed her to really read the words because I didn't want to stifle that energy. But what I found out her first week of kindergarten was that she could actually read. She brought home her first "homework" and read right through it - didn't miss a word. I'm not sure when she learned to read, but I know it was at FPC Playschool. I add that to let you all know that this place of love and caregiving also prepares children for their next step of schooling. I couldn't be happier with how prepared Ruby was for kindergarten. She was literally "the new kid" as most of the children had gone to pre-K together. She has had no trouble socializing and making new friends, and is genuinely happy.

Ruby attended FPC Playschool for more than three years and I am very happy that she did. She loved it there. Appreciate your child's time at FPC Playschool. I thank FPC Playschool for helping me raise a beautiful and wonderfully well-rounded 5 year old.


Danna Rehms Mooney

Former- FPC Playschool parent

We Look forward to seeing you at the costume parade in downtown Natchez on Friday morning. The Fall Festival has been rescheduled for the afternoon of November 18.